Glamour In The Kitchen

kitchen designIt’s quite amazing how chefs are geniuses when it comes to accessorizing a plate of exquisite and gourmet meals but are quite clueless as to the kitchen supplies surrounding them. To them as long as the fire is working, the dishes are clean and the water is always running, they have a perfect kitchen. I however believe that if you spruce up the environment in which you prepare your meals, the end result will be appreciated wholesomely. The kitchen should be your haven as cook or chef. Joy and happiness should be oozing out of u immediately you enter. If this is not the case, then maybe there could be something with the equipment in the kitchen or just the way it is designed makes everything dull. A quick fix would be changing the colourthe restaurant shelving of the décor. Perhaps changing the rugged tiles on the floor to a nice wooden finish would do the trick or painting the restaurant shelving walls with sunny colours could help bring that smile back.

Space is also essential in any kitchen. A clustered work space has never brought anyone any joy and it is therefore important to organise the kitchen in a manner that will create space sufficient enough to allow movement. The first step would be how to deal with the safety equipment around the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to `give glamour more importance over safety but these equipment do tend to make the kitchen look like a workshop. To strike the much needed balance between safety and beauty I would have to design a drape that would hide the crudeness of the erect fire extinguisher as well as the water hose on the walls but still make it easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Every kitchen needs storage space, this is a well-known fact. Making them look like a dorm room storage quarters does not set the right ambience for food. Some little colour coordination in the doors of these cupboards or even lacing the doors with fabric of tasteful colours could go a long way in setting the tone for the kitchen. Lighting is the third item that makes the kitchen livelier. Sparing some few coins to higher an experienced electrician will definitely pay off. Proper lights can turn a dull room full of pots and stove into an elegant kitchen with a romantic flair added especially if the kitchen has a dining table. Mixing bulbs of different light intensity of just fixing an elegant chandelier in the middle of the room could be the key to livening up your kitchen.